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“Pod” it Up at 3S Yoga

A nice change of pace from the Zoom classes…

It is more important than ever for businesses to make their customers feel comfortable. It is not just at restaurants that we like to feel safe, but also when we go to the gym and especially in close quarters exercises like yoga.

How do you make someone feel at ease in a yoga studio? To be an innovator, you have to take risks and that’s why this past week, 3S Yoga’s owner, Nadeya Ward, acquired 6 “yoga pods” with the intent on being the safest yoga studio in Richmond.

Personal pods allow people around the world to isolate themselves among others in their own personal bubble. At 3S Yoga, the intent is for them to practice their sun salutations in one, too.

The pods are spaced evenly apart throughout the studio. The clear squares measure around 7 feet and 10 feet wide. After each class, the pods are sanitized.

We’ve all been fairly cooped up for the last year and many miss going to their relaxation and exercise routines. This is a responsible way to get some group activity in a private environment.

Hopefully this new venture will allow Nadeya to connect with her students and for them to reconnect with their fellow peers in a safe environment.

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