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The 20th Century in the East End

Over the year’s we’ve tried to tag our history posts with the decade, making it easy to find stories that were happening around the same time and to maybe get better feel for what it was like around here.

Here are the links to the different decades and a few of our favorites.

1900s / Trolley Strike 1903
1910s / Shockoe Valley from Jefferson Park 1910 & Shockoe Valley Slums 1913
1920s / East End News 1925 & East End Press 1928
1930s / Richmond Trolley Map 1930
1940s / Bartholomew’s 1946 Master Plan for the city of Richmond
1950s / Fort Mosby Social and Political Club 1955
1960s / The Penn Brothers 1966 & Back-in-the-day slumlord John Wesley Pearsall 1968
1970s / A brief history of the Chimborazo Mini-Mall 1973
1980s / Murder House 1989
1990s / Richmond’s Worst Year? 1994

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