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The East End News (1925)

The East End News was launched in February, 1925, at least partially in response to a perceived decline in the vitality area. The initial 6 page issue was put out by O.A.Chandler (“Business and Advertising Manager”).

In the first inside page, Mr.Chandler says that the purpose of the East End News was “to bring about a more congenial and friendly interest among the people of the East End”, (except perhaps Native Americans, African-Americans, and the Chinese, given some of the jokes inside).

Dead center on the front page is an aggrieved piece on the pending application for a swimming pool, with fears that Southside would get their pool first. The issue also has a blurb on the confiscation of 8 slot machines from somewhere in the area, info on the Renters Protective Association, death listings, and a slew of great local advertisements.


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The 2nd issue of East End News is dated February 19, 1925, with Andre H. Friar joining O.A.Chandler on the masthead as the Publisher.

This issue leads with a front-page editorial by John D. Everhardt, Jr. calling the East End “a sadly neglected section” of the city, who has “lost some of it’s most valuable citizens” in that first wave of suburban flight to the Fan and Northside. There is also info on a potential viaduct over Shockoe Valley, bus routes for Fulton, a list of local honor role students, and a social and society review column – all with 2/3 less racism than the initial issue.

A.H.Friar was later involved in the East End Press, which saw at least 5 issues in 1928. Other smaller newspapers in the area included the North Richmond Journal (launched in September 1925) and Southside News (looks like it started in 1928).


These issues were found on microfilm at the Library of Virginia.


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Cadeho 10/08/2015 at 10:30 PM

We are still a sadly neglected section and I always hear disrespect from west end and suburban northern and west end Henrico and Hanover lovers.


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