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Lyft Featured Driver – Marquise Bates

By Megan Rickman-Blackwood

Church Hill People’s News is happy to announce an initiative we’ve undertaken with Lyft. We’ll be featuring a local Lyft driver in our effort to get to know the people that live and work in the East End.

Lyft has been a great partner for the East End and is a great new partner for The Market @ 25th St. They’ve also assisted with transportation needs for other East End businesses and initiatives.

Lyft Offers Rides to Local Black History Sites

Lyft Community Grants Program

In addition to the story here at CHPN you can also find the featured driver in Lyft’s lounge inside The Market @ 25th St.

Meet Lyft Featured Driver Marquise Bates.

We wanted to learn more about Marquise so we met in the new Lyft lounge that has been made available to riders waiting in the Market @ 25th. Marquise was chosen by Lyft to be highlighted due to his length of service and high ratings. See our conversation below;

As someone who’s seen our neighborhood grow, what is something you think needs to change for the better in Church Hill?

At one time I would have said jobs. That was my main concern, but the more that Richmond grows the more jobs are coming to Richmond. So my prayers have been answered. Like right here at the market.

What makes you happy on the hill?

I just love this city, I was born and raised in Church Hill, and I have loved watching our city grow. I’ve been here my whole life, and don’t plan on leaving.

As the top ranked driver for the neighborhood, what drives you?

My number one thing is, I love seeing people get to where they need to be. In life and in transportation, some people don’t have their own vehicles so with Lyft stepping up they can get to their jobs, appointments, families, I’m just happy to be a part of that.

How has driving for Lyft helped you reach your goal?

Obviously it helps me literally get people where they need to be, but it has helped me too. I used to just do it part time, but realized soon I was making as much as I was at my full time job. Since I transitioned to full time with Lyft, it has helped me feed my family, and also help feed other families in need.

What has been your most memorable experience driving for the company?

I took a lady to her doctor’s appointment and she had about three bags with her, and she was elderly, so I helped her to the door. She told me she had been using Lyft for months and I was the first person to offer to help and seeing how thankful and happy she was made my day.

We can definitely see why Marquise earned all those stars! Look out for him on your next trip. You can also see his picture and information hanging in the Lyft Lounge at the Market @ 25th.

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