Chris on NAACP Holding Housing Symposium
SA Chaplin on NAACP Holding Housing Symposium
Jason S on NAACP Holding Housing Symposium
Jason S on NAACP Holding Housing Symposium
Adriana R Zamudio Rountree on River City Fit Now Open!
Adriana R Zamudio Rountree on River City Fit Now Open!
Randall Eggink on NAACP Holding Housing Symposium

Check out the Fulton Community Spring Newsletter

06/28/2018 6:00 AM by

The last edition of the newsletter came out in the Fall of 2017 so there’s a lot of cool updates, such as:

  • The Fulton Montessori School launches at Calvary United Methodist Church
  • An important discussion on selling or not selling.
    • First, the opportunity to sell a home, particularly in Greater Fulton, is increasing right now for a few reasons. Greater Fulton was an overlooked neighborhood for quite some time (…) many houses in Greater Fulton are still an affordable size (900-1300 sq. ft.) and price. There is a mixture of old and new residents, houses of many ages and types, and proximity to parks and other services, particularly if one has a vehicle. This is all attractive to young home buyers and those looking for a strong return on their investment in the future.
      These factors make it an appropriate time to sell a home, but there are reasons not to sell immediately as well. Just like an investment that is worth a smaller amount right now, if it is held on to for a while longer, it may be worth much more in the future.
  • A discussion on Community Change- Longtime residents expressed a fear that Fulton will follow in the steps of Church Hill as it has evolved over the past several decades.
  • An economic development study on Greater Fulton’s Commercial Corridor- contact Chuck D’Aprix at – Chuck is an economic development consultant doing a pro bono study of the corridor.
  • New businesses
    • i3 Media Designs
    • Rolling Thunder Car Audio – 1800 Williamsburg Road
    • Chicken Shack – 5001 Government Road – Larry Orange operated Dairy King Restaurant here for 20
      years (1975-1995). People came from all over the city to buy hamburgers and fries and soft ice cream at the walkup window. Chicken Shack will be open 7 days a week, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Fulton Community News Spring 2018



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