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“Shockoe Bottom businesses feel abandoned” – WRIC

Howdy neighbors, this article from Kerri O’Brien over at WRIC is actually back from August of 2020, but I still feel it’s important to bring back up, especially considering we’re still in the middle of the pandemic. As a Shockoe Bottom resident, I’ve seen quite a few places of business around the neighborhood close down permanently. I’ve seen other businesses (Dailymenu is the first that comes to mind, a locally owned restaurant) that opened up right as COVID-19 started striking both Richmond and Shockoe Bottom relentlessly. My heart goes out to these small business owners, who placed so much care and soul into their business, only for it to reach such an end. Please click the link and read the whole article for more.

Again, this article is from months ago. Do you feel we’ve helped these struggling business owners since the time this article was published?

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