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Neighborhood officer killed – by another cop? (1940)

Shockoe Examiner is back with another slice of Richmond history:

“Tibbs’s story, cut short at age 37, was one of a hard working cop trying to support a wife and four children in their little home on 1812 North 22rd Street. Known as a “steady man,” Tibbs had an excellent reputation as a policeman, but his salary was only a paltry $150 per month. A great family man, his daughter Jenny Van Volkum recalled 72 years later: “…his idea of a good day off was to pile as many kids as you can in the car and go to the spring and get water or go to a park or something.” Van Volkum also sadly recalled the effect of her father’s murder on his family, saying, “The way it was left with us – I was nine years old, and mother was never able to talk about it and until the day she died – she was 94 and a half when she died in 1998 – she hoped it never opened up again because she could just not deal with it.””

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