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Keep an eye out for a stolen car that looks like this

From /r/rva:

“HEY RVA! My car was stolen out of my apartment parking lot in Chimborazo on Sunday night. This tragic occurrence happened the same day I picked up all of my supplies to virtual teach. I’m a fifth grade teacher with RPS. Happy first week! Not only did the thief get a fully functioning 2005 Gold Honda Civic (VES-2814) w liability only insurance; they stole my ENTIRE CLASSROOM. I’m mostly worried about my supplies; my car’s pretty old. Also, the detective said if I get it back, it will be riddled with “bullet holes and blood.”

TLDR Please look out for 2005 Gold Honda Civic (VES- 2814) and/or school supplies”

Example of a 2005 Gold Honda Civic
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