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Public Housing Redevelopment at Creighton Court

Howdy neighbors! NBC12 covered this story, click this link to read more about.

Here are some other links I’ve gathered that surrounds the topic.

Creighton Court demolition endorsed by RRHA’s Board of Commissioners; no timetable shared

This snippet is taken from the Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority (RRHA) , but it looks like they’re continuing more construction in 2021.

Given by the NBC12 article.

That’s it for this one, folks!

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7 months ago

Reading through some of the linked NBC12 articles, I noticed something interesting. It sounds as if the new properties will be run using a private property model, rather than a project based housing model. Residents of Creighton Court will be given section 8 housing vouchers, and the option to lease the new apartments at the old Armstrong high school site before anyone else. However, and this is where it gets interesting, former Creighton Court residents will have to APPLY for the new apartments, which raises some questions: What will the credit, background, and income requirements for the new properties be?… Read more »

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