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“The Future of Public Education” this Thursday evening at SubRosa

From the Gary Broderick campaign:

Amazing things happen every day in all of Richmond’s public schools, yet none of our schools have all the resources they need to make sure every student can succeed. On October 25th at 7pm, Sub Rosa will host, “The future of public education with Gary Broderick.” Gary and his team of policy advisors will put forward a vision of defending and transforming public education. They will make the case that through organizing and building a multi-racial public education movement of parents, teachers, and students, we can build world-class schools in Richmond.

“We can have anything we’re willing to fight for.”

Update: Excited to share that teacher and campaign leader Emma Eliza will be presenting on the Teacher Free Speech component of our platform this Thursday. Check out her powerful words below at the press conference that preceded the resolution passing.

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Broad Street 10/25/2018 at 7:57 AM

Not all of the schools have resources because people like Gary Broderick ignore that 1/3 of the seats across the school system are empty today. The crisis we live in this district is a construct of the School Board and School Adminsitration not capable of managing vast existing resources. A bunch of VCU students without kids wouldn’t know that, I guess.


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