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There’s still time to take the Carrington Street Survey

From ABC8:

Members of the New Visions Civic League of the East End have drafted a survey for locals.

The survey asks 12 questions to find out what repairs and safety improvements people would like to see, such as adding sidewalks, paving the street or restore asphalt patches to cobblestone.

“Maintain it. It has holes you know everywhere,” Smith explained. “Patch them up so it can be a smoother transition, whether you’re walking, whether you are driving, whether you are biking.”

Smith told 8News she is considering filling out the survey, but also shared advice to drivers who may drive on Carrington Street.

Dave Seibert and Raymond “Sonny” Hughey are meeting with Dr. Newbille this week to discuss Carrington Street and its potential to be added into the city’s plans for improvements. The results of the survey will be a factor in determining residents opinion of what should be done. If Carrington Street influences your life in any way, this is a great time to make your voice heard.

Please find the most up to date study on the street as well as a link to the survey.

Carrington Street Review Packet_2018

Click here to take the survey!

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Dave Seibert
Dave Seibert
2 years ago

Please help support this proposal! Survey will take you 4 min. The improved streetscape will last a lifetime. LOL ?

Jason S
Jason S
2 years ago

Thanks Dave, great work. Will fill out the survey.

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