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Bike Lanes, New Traffic Rules, and You

Have you noticed some new things happening to your roads? Maybe some new bike lanes, new dividers, etc?

There are plans in Richmond to continue to make this a more bike-friendly city and as that plan progresses it’s important for all of us to brush up on some new things we’ll see along with the do’s and don’ts.

Bikewalk RVA has been kind enough to put together a flyer to give you some pointers. There was definitely some new info in here for me so check it out! This flyer is specifically for improvements made to Franklin St. downtown but you’ll see more of the same in the months/years to come.

Some things to look out for include “Floating” parking and green sections designated for turning across a bike lane.

You can find BikeWalks Franklin St. Flyer here: BikeWalk_2018_FranklinSt

Here are some additional resources as well:

User Guide for People on bikes and in cars by Bike Walk RVA

City of Richmond Bike + Walk Info Page

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Evan Maxwell
Evan Maxwell
2 years ago

While we’re on the subject: please yield at roundabouts on Jefferson ave

Jessica Voss
Jessica Voss
2 years ago

Thank you for posting this!

2 years ago

It’s pretty cool. I bike that way pretty often but it’s in the evening when traffic is light so personally I didn’t really need a bike line but it should really help morning commuters. Though until now I would take Grace street going west. My little nitpick would be that for a few blocks around the Jefferson Hotel the bike lane is one way only (west) and if you are going east it spits you back out into traffic which is a little unexpected. What really really bugs me is that Franklin Street is still closed under the train station.… Read more »

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