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Project Winkie Update

Alfred Scott has continued his work to make Mary Wingfield Scott’s Old Richmond Neighborhoods available as an expanded digital work:

You may remember that a few years ago I got started on ‘Project Winkie‘ to bring Mary Wingfield Scott’s two famous books on the architectural history of Richmond – Houses of Old Richmond and Old Richmond Neighborhoods – back as free digital downloads. I got sidetracked by a number of things, and I lost my momentum.

I’m back on the project now, and I’ve made a lot of progress.

Historic Richmond has supplied me with a lot of new photos to add to the book.

I’ve eliminated footnote references that refer to page numbers in each of the books, and instead I now have a chapter or page title to search for.

Internal references are now done as hyperlinks, so it’s just like a website where you click on the blue text to jump around the book.

Table of contents and the index now are complete with hyperlinks within the books.

There are navigation buttons at the bottom of each page for table of contents, index, previous and next page.

These two books are a snapshot history from 1941 and 1950, and there is a lot that has happened since then, so I want to make the books include the current history of what has happened since then, and to show what Winkie got started.

I’ve just added two sections to Old Richmond Neighborhoods for:

Luther Libby House, see link in Libby Hill on page 19 that takes you to the new Luther Libby House page at page 56.

Pohlig Box Factory, see link in Church Hill on page 49 that takes you to the new Pohlig Box Factory page on page 65.

The links are in the side margins.

These two are models of how I would like to add new material. I’m looking for anyone who has a restored house that’s mentioned in the book to create words and photos to take the reader into the house to see what has happened.

You can get to the two books at the “Project Winkie” page at or just click on this link

I upload new copies of the books every day or so, so you should check back often.

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