Suggestions to counter rock throwers?

02/12/2017 11:08 PM by

From a neighbor near Oakwood:

We’ve had issues since March with the neighbor kids (we think they’re kids, we’ve never seen the culprits) throwing rocks at our house. In May they finally hit the jackpot and broke the glass on one of our French doors. After filing a police report and having to pay to replace the glass in the door, we were pretty glad that the rock-pelting stopped (we assumed that they got scared by the fact they actually accomplished something)…. until we discovered more rocks on our back deck last week and a broken window upstairs. Needless to say, we’re ticked.

We are aware that our house sat abandoned for many years before we moved in. The assumption last summer was that it had been a neighborhood sport to chuck rocks at the old abandoned house, and the “kids” thought the house was still unoccupied. After the French-door incident, we made sure to leave our porch light on and put up “No Trespassing” signs that make it pretty clear people live here. After all this and the broken window, it’s apparent that the sport is still fun, even if (especially if?) the house is occupied.

We’re ready to call our security company and invest in a camera, but I was curious from other residents if that has been found to help deter issues like these.

Has anyone else had issues like this?

Any suggestions? Thanks, neighbors…



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