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Unicia Buster’s Coloring Curls

Fairmount resident and artist Unicia Buster has just published Coloring Curls: An Adult Coloring Book Celebrating Natural Hair:

Coils, curls, and coiffures meet mandalas, patterns, and shapes in this exciting and new adult coloring book. The growing trend of African-American women to grow their hair naturally has been coupled with the growing trend of adult coloring books to give you this fun stress-relieving treat. Each illustration has been hand drawn by the artist (not computer generated) with the same love and attention that is given to styling naturally curly hair (often called Afros when worn loose). Explore, enhance, and enjoy your colored masterpieces.

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John M

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John M


Liz 11/05/2016 at 10:32 AM

Love this, Unicia!!

Unicia 11/05/2016 at 11:25 PM

Thank you Liz and thank you John for the post.

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