New houses in 23223 by year (1930-2016)

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Anecdotally, it feels like the past few years have seen a tremendous number of new houses built in the area. I wanted to put some numbers to this notion for some historical perspective.

The most readily available data is from the City Assessor, which lists the year built for each structure in the city. I took the chart back to 1930, working on the assumption that most houses built since then are likely to still be standing.

From the data valuable, I pulled out all of the properties in zip code 23223 (in the city) listed as single family, duplex, 1 family owner, 1 family tenant, condo duplex, or townhouse owner.

The data shows spikes of new housing construction around 2007 and 1996, and then back to 1966 and to the mid-1940s, and yes – a good jump in 2015.

The current boom is notable for a number of houses at higher price points, being concentrated south of Nine Mile Road (though right up against it), and entirely single-family and mostly market-rate. You have to go back to the 1940s & 1950s to find an equivalent number of unsubsidized single-family housing starts anywhere in 23223.

The mid-2000s development boom was due in large part to the number of houses built by Better Housing Coalition and others in the Church Hill Central designated area of the city’s “Neighborhoods in Bloom” program.

The jump in 1996-1997 is also attributable to Better Housing Coalition, with the construction of the Jefferson Mews homes along 22nd/23rd, and houses along the entire 1200 block of 30th Street.

The spike in 1966 is almost entirley attributable to the town homes now known as the Villas at Oakwood, listed on the city records as “condo duplex”.

This is based on data available (FTP) as of Sunday, April 17, 2016. The Google Fusion table of the data used is also available.

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Zip code 23223 in Richmond

zip code map 23223 in RVA

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Houses by year built (still existing)(1930-2016)

houses by year still standing

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Built in 1945-1946 (still standing)

Single family houses built in 1945-1946 (still standing)

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Houses on 30th and 31st Streets (1945-1946)

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 11.33.47 AM

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Built in 1996-1997 (still standing)

New from 1996-1997

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500 block of North 23rd Street (from 1996-1997)

500 block of North 23rd Street

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1200 block of 30th Street (from 1996-1997)

1200 block of 30th Street

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Built in 2006-2008

New 2006-2008

New 2006-2008

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2200 block of Q Street (2006-2008)

2200 block of Q Street (2007)

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Neighborhoods in Bloom – Church Hill Central (mid-2000s)


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New in 2015

New in 2015

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1300 block of 28th Street (2014)

2014 1300-block-of-28th-Street-2




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