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One year after the Church Hill North Better Block

Bike Walk RVA has a look at 25th Street one year after the Church Hill North Better Block weekend:

But what has changed since then? Did we help create any lasting improvements? I went back to the intersection of N 25th St and Venable St this week to find out.

While it wasn’t my first time back all year – I’ve been back many times since then – I looked hard for what I could interpret as permanent positive change. At first glance, the street looked almost the same. But as I walked the corridor and peered into windows, I began to see the subtle and not-so-subtle changes that told me it was all worth it.

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Kerry Riley
Kerry Riley
5 years ago

I was great to be a part of this effort. I can see signs of change there.

Leslie Reilly
Leslie Reilly
5 years ago

Leslie Reilly liked this on Facebook.

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