Various opinions and information regarding the proposed Shockoe Redevelopment plan

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Here are 4 recent items related to the proposed Shockoe/Boulevard Redevelopment Plan which have come across my desk.

City Council may vote on the proposal at their next meeting on Monday, February 24, 2014.

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The Partnership for Smarter Growth has been tracking the proposed Shockoe/Boulevard Redevelopment plan, with an emphasis on working towards an open and public process:

PSG has been compiling resources and links related to the Shockoe Stadium / Boulevard debate, with as many viewpoints as possible represented. PSG is also compiling questions for City Council. Scroll to the bottom for the list – many thoughtful and piercing questions have been submitted. Submit yours!

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Don O’Keefe at ArchitectureRichmond weighs in, calling the plan “a surprisingly sensitive recipe for neighborhood revitalization”:

At first skeptical, I have come to think that, amazingly, the plan situates the stadium in the most sensitive way imaginable for the site. Because the stadium flanks rail and highway infrastructure to the west, there is no restriction of east-west auto or pedestrian traffic beyond the existing condition. Aside from that, the only significant street closure is 17th Street which carries little traffic in any case. […] Mixed use space is wrapped around the stadium, reinforcing the ground floor retail norm in Shockoe Bottom.

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An email from Rick Tatnall:

The Mayor’s Shockoe Stadium Death Zone

I am writing to highlight my greatest traffic concern detailed in my previous email about the traffic and parking problems with the proposed development in Shockoe. I call this concern the Mayor’s Shockoe Stadium Death Zone. Due to the significant inadequacies of the I-95 South Franklin Street exit (74-B) combined with the plan to direct parkers immediately into the State Parking Garage, it is guaranteed that cars will queue onto Interstate 95. Attached please find a map graphic that defines and illustrates this incredibly important traffic implication that has been dismissed by the Timmons Traffic Analysis and not addressed at all by the Mayor’s RevitalizeRVA presentation. There is no way to remediate this problem, so if the Mayor’s proposed development is allowed to proceed, people will surely die on Interstate 95 trying to go to a baseball game.

Please pay attention to this life and death consideration.

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Highways and Hallowed Halls has posted Minor League City and Top 10 reasons the Shockoe ballpark is a bad idea:

10. Richmond deserves better. It’s really irresponsible to spend our time and precious resources on something that will eventually be outdated. We can’t devote valuable land in the center of our city to the construction of a building that will be used for 70 days out of the year by a minor league baseball team that could leave. Even if they leave after 30 years, we’ll still be scrambling to find a use for the space. But there is no other use for the space because stadiums can’t be retrofitted or rebuilt. We can’t afford to ignore the river and try, once again, to revitalize Richmond with a big, flashy project that is being celebrated as the future of Richmond.

UPDATED 5:51PM – 70 home games, not 160

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