Petition urges changes in 28th Street project

12/08/2009 6:56 AM by

There is a Laura Daab-authored petition circulating outlining a number of specific complaints about the the proposal for 504-510 North 28th Street. The developers of the project will be hosting a Forum of Discussion this Wednesday at 5:30PM at 1901 West Cary where further information will be presented and questions will be answered.

The text of the petition includes the following complaints:

1. The use of 15 ft. side yards: Article 4 in the Siting section of the guidelines states: New infill structures should be spaced within 20% of the average distance between existing houses on the block.

The average distance between houses on the 500 block of North 28th St. is 7ft. 2in. The 15 foot side yards constitute a 110% difference. The side yards for this project in it’s current form should be between 5 ft. 9in. and 8ft. 8in.

2. The height of the revised project is 33ft. 1in. Article 1. States: New construction should respect the typical height of surrounding houses.

The house next door is 24ft 6in. tall. That is an increase of 35%. The staff report states that the average height of the surrounding houses is 24 feet. This new structure will dwarf the houses next door. The height should be reduced to compliment the average height of the surrounding structures.

3. The side porches on this project protrude 3 feet from the main structure. Under New Construction, Form, #1 states: New construction should use a building form compatible with that found elsewhere on the block. Building form refers to the massing, size, symmetry, proportions, projections and roof shapes that lend identity to a structure.

The protruding side porches are a design element that is not found anywhere in the surrounding area and thus would be incompatible with forms found elsewhere on the block.

4. The garage door, as seen in the drawings, is a suburban-style overhead door. This door style is incompatible in that there are no such garage doors like this that exist in the surrounding area.



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