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Yesterday’s rumor about a local house being featured on a house flip tv show is essentially correct, but it is better than that…

816 and 818 North 23rd Street

The double house at 816 and 818 North 23rd Street in Union Hill has long been an eyesore. Once a clean and classic set of homes, this property has been vacant or squatted for quite some time. Gable Painter of GP Restoration is going to see that this 97-year-old house gets a new chance, and we’ll hopefully get to watch how all of this goes down.

This house, in all of it’s vinyl & cemented glory, is to be featured in the pilot for a new show called Flip Back That House. The idea is to show a house being more faithfully restored, rather than fixed & flipped. Filming begins this week and should last for the next 4 months or so.

“This is exciting for Church Hill and for Richmond”, says Gable, who lives on 26th Street himself. He sees this as an oportunity to showcase the value of a good restoration and of what RIchmond has to offer. With plans to incorporate visits to Beckstoffer’s and Caravati’s, the home-grown renovation business in Richmond will get some good exposure. Gable stressed that he is interested in a quality renovation, saying that anything else is a “disservice to the community”.

GP Renovation

The story of how this came to be is interesting, too. Thinking that the current crop of renovation shows were too “wimpy”, Gable, owner of GP Renovation, called around until he managed to get in contact with a producer that would listen. He pitched the idea of a show that goes beyond the “carpet and hot water heater” updates of the genre, selling’em on a “This Old House on steroids”. The network had apparently been kicking around a similar idea; timing is everything…

room for sitting on a couch and pissing
The room for sitting on a couch and pissing into bottles (it gets worse).

Built in 1910 and adjacent to a block of Venable Street that was recently vacant and collapsing but which has seen great deal of quality renovation, Gable expects that each side of this house will sell for over $200,000. With the small yards, he sees attracting buyers that might otherwise be considering a condo.

816 and 818 North 23rd Street

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