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Confederate Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument tagged overnight

800 block of 27th street

Reminder: Lock you car doors

murder big

Homicides on track towards record low at six month mark

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Robbery on Broad Street

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Woman shot on Richmond Road

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Man killed in Whitcomb

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Police seeking to identify man in wallet theft

Riley Race Bike

Kids BMX racing bikes stolen on 32nd Street

Seen a stolen white Hyundai?


Blue Wheeler hit for cigarettes, lottery money


Keep an eye out for counterfeit bills

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Stole bag containing victim’s medication from checkout counter at Ocean Grocery

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Body found off of Jennie Scher

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Police seeking suspects in HVAC theft


Missing woman may be in danger

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Quick arrests made in Franklin Street robbery

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Persons of interest in larcenies from food trucks

creighton court richmond

Creighton Court Community Walk with the Richmond Police Department

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Man shot near Lucks Field

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Hundreds turn out for anti-violence rally in Mosby

Arrests made in Redd Street shooting

redd street

Stop The Violence Rally in Mosby on Tuesday (UPDATED)

Man killed on Redd Street, two others shot

Burglary on Libby Terrace

Possible burglary on 26th Street, package theft on 32nd Street