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Man shot on Coalter Street


Tires slashed, windshield smashed on Clay Street

Three recent incidents on 27th Street


Headstone missing at East End Cemetery

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Man killed in Mosby

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Police seeking help to identify suspects in OMG burglary

Reminder: Lock your door at night

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Seeking information on cat-killing dogs on 39th Street

You hear gun shots last night?

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Robbery on 22nd Street (UPDATED)


Please do not take vegetables from the community gardens

Missing a silver bike?

Hit and run on Grace Street

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Confederate Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument tagged overnight

800 block of 27th street

Reminder: Lock you car doors

murder big

Homicides on track towards record low at six month mark

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Robbery on Broad Street

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Woman shot on Richmond Road

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Man killed in Whitcomb

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Police seeking to identify man in wallet theft

Riley Race Bike

Kids BMX racing bikes stolen on 32nd Street

Seen a stolen white Hyundai?


Blue Wheeler hit for cigarettes, lottery money


Keep an eye out for counterfeit bills

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Stole bag containing victim’s medication from checkout counter at Ocean Grocery