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Cedar Street (1980)

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Facelift on 25th Street


Before and after on 25th Street


Before and after and for rent


A little bit of New Orleans on Marshall Street

1002 North 36th Street

Area projects claim Best Residential Renovation, Placemaking awards


Venable Street (2002)

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Before and after on 35th Street


Then and now on 25th Street


Then and now on 25th Street

1300 block of 27th Street-11

The next big thing in Church Hill is the 1300 block of 27th Street

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3626 East Broad Street

3013-3015 East Marshall Street BA

Before and after on Marshall Street

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Then and now from Jefferson Park

then and now richmond

Revisiting the 10 most blighted houses in Church Hill

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Want to restore the Haley House?

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Before and after on Chimborazo


Fire on 25th Street (1994)


Poster child for rehab tax credit program

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Before and after on 36th Street

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Then and now on 23rd Street

510-512 North 23rd Street (2014) 2

Before and after on 23rd Street

2228 Cedar Street 1965

Then and now on Cedar Street

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A block of Venable Street then and now

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Old House Diaries: Before and After on 23rd Street