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J.R.Crickets is now open

Three years or so after Jus’Fish moved on, J.R.Crickets has opened up in the unique building in the triangle at 1000 North 25th Street.

This little triangle commercial spot at 1000 North 25th Street has been in use since at least as early as 1902 (though the distinct brick cottage was not built until maybe 1920). The earliest Hill Directory available at Richmond Main Library is from 1902. This record shows that from that year through at least 1906 one R.S.Gooch, a resident of 2313 Venable Street, was at this location as a barber. The available records jump to 1915, at which point the location is listed as vacant. In 1916, though, the company of Hilliard & Feitig (owned by Clarence P. Hilliard & Louis E. Feitig) is listed as operating here offering “cleaning and pressing.” The 1921 directory has the location down as the Twenty-Fifth Street Fish and Oyster Market. From 1922-1924, this was the West Brothers (HJ & JH) fish market. From 1925-1933, this spot was the Triangle Filling Station. After sitting vacant for part of 1934, the location was home to a Pure Oil Company filling station though at least 1949.

The site sat vacant in the early 1950s, but then hosted a restaurant for at least the next 35 years. Dad’s On The Spot, listed as a confectionary, was there from 1955-1958. The little building that could had a heyday as the Triangle Inn Restaurant, operating from 1959 through at least 1990. The property is listed as vacant in 1996 and 2000, and housed the Triangle Takeout in the early 2000s, and then Jus’Fish from 2015-2017.

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