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Can you help? Wheel Simple Community Tune Up Fund helps keep the neighborhood rolling

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Robbie Wood 08/25/2020 at 7:09 AM

Thanks y’all for sharing this on your platform!!! I didn’t even ask!

I’d like to add this to the post for clarity:

Wheel Simple LLC is a for profit single member LLC. I am not a charity. This is me making it possible for some of my better off clientele to pay for the repair, tune ups, and parts for my less well off clientele. You will not get to claim this stuff as charitable giving on your taxes. This money gets dispersed into my business checking account and each time I comp a ticket, it is run through my POS as cash so that the work is properly recorded, as well as the sales tax on each. If you’d like to contribute off site, please let me know, and I will report it here as an off site donation so that this page accurately reflects what I’ve collected.  
Transparency will be done as best it can on this Facebook Page.”


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