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A statement from the Friends of Chimborazo Park

The following is a statement posted in the Facebook page of the Friends of Chimborazo Park regarding The Confederate Soldiers and Sailors’ Monument in Libby Hill Park.

The Confederate Soldiers and Sailors’ Monument is a monument to white supremacy and is a blight to our neighborhood and our city. This eyesore sits on top of nearby Libby Hill and towers over our diverse and multiracial community.

This monument’s unveiling in May of 1894 was the cause for a city wide celebration. Thousands of white people attended the parade the day this statue was unveiled. Confederate veterans from all over the South came for the occasion and were treated as heroes.

This monument to white supremacy was euphemistically called a monument to the “lost cause” and to “the South’s loyalty to the memory of the rank and file of that army that suffered as no other army ever suffered before for a cause.” In reality it was nothing less than a shrine to a social order that insisted that African Americans were less than human.

In a just world, the removal of the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors’ Monument would be cause for greater celebration and pomp than its installation warranted 126 years ago.

In the spirit of racial justice and reconciliation, the Friends of Chimborazo Park call for the removal of this offensive monument to racism.

Take it down.


Chris 06/14/2020 at 5:38 PM

To the “snowflake” that wrote this childish rant, you can’t pick and choose what history you want to preserve. Please find something more productive to do with your life.

The U.....nion Hill 06/14/2020 at 9:19 PM

Political correctness run amuck.

keep history, kill monuments 06/15/2020 at 8:17 AM

The Soldiers and Sailors monument has always been an extension of Monument Avenue. It’s days are clearly numbered.

Marcos 06/15/2020 at 2:32 PM

Dear Chris,
You can very much pick and choose which history you want to preserve- just look at the Germans. Did they preserve the history of the Nazis by putting up monuments of Hitler? No, because they are ashamed of that history. You always decide to go for personal attacks instead of intelligently arguing your position. Not anymore sir. You don’t get to say your shitty comment anymore, hide behind the internet wall and demean a well thought out argument just because you don’t agree with it.

Confederate monuments are about white supremacy. They’re about a system that fought to keep slavery around and the African American community as a permanent serving class. It is not just “white” history, it is the history of the oppression of a group of white colonialists who decided that their rights surpassed the rights of other human beings.

The South lost the war. These monuments should not be something that the United States of America should honor or commemorate in any way. Yes, it is history, but what does this part of history represent? What did the Confederacy stand for? It stood for white supremacy AND for slavery. So are all the monuments dedicated to it.

You think that this is a childish rant. Well, sir, you are defending the years of terror that the South reigned on African Americans. The whippings, the lynchings, the utter death and destruction of communities all in the name of “southern pride”.

The fact that a lot of these statues were also built during the Jim Crow era, perhaps some of the most brutal moments in American history, just is another sign that these are meant to explicitly represent white supremacy in the South and in our neighborhood.

Well, not anymore. You don’t get to hide behind “political correctness” when even the smallest display of emotions triggers you. You don’t get to be defensive when black men and women are being shot and killed just for the color of their skin. Now, sir, I am not calling you a racist, I don’t care if you ever respond to this. I don’t even want to assume how you really feel in this potentially fragile state you may be in.

But hear this, you don’t get to minimize people anymore.

The U.....nion Hill 06/15/2020 at 6:59 PM

1984 was a cautionary tale, not an instruction manual.

Heather 06/16/2020 at 11:07 AM

The statues are themselves ‘revisionist’ history. Taking them down doesn’t erase history – it corrects it.

The U.....nion Hill 06/16/2020 at 3:24 PM

Remember when Dominique Danzy was killed? Why no outrage or marches for her?

Joshua 08/10/2020 at 5:42 PM

When all the statues are taken down the proponents will still be losers. The presence of statues did not prevent people from being productive citizens. Don’t misunderstand me, I agree that the statues mostly had a nefarious purpose. But the statues are not what is the problem. If one is triggered by the presence of a statue so much so that people riot, burn buildings, and steal, then there is a larger conversation to be had that has nothing to do with statues.

We are a product of our decisions, not products of our circumstances. Richmond is a predominately black community, run by black democrat politicians for two generations. So how can there be so much poverty and allegedly police corruption?

Ron Pierce 04/02/2022 at 7:00 AM

Of my five ancestors who were Confederate soldiers, one spent the last few months of the Civil War as a wounded patient in the Chimborazo Hospital. He was wonded shortly after surviving the Crater explosion at Petersburg where his company was moved just before the explosion. Another is buried nearby in the Confederate Section of a cemetery Yet, another was chased by General Sherman after his “march to the sea” to where his company surrendered to the Union troops near High Point, NC.

If the Confederate Monument huggers will look at history, they will see that the confederates soldiers accepted their defeat with honor and dignity. The survivors went home from Appomattox happy to have survived, and looked forward to restoring their lives. The Civil War soldiers reunions that followed were times when both southern and northern combatants got together to remember the war and the joy of its being over.

Here his the point: Those who fought in the war accepted their defeat. The real animosity came years after when the sins of racism and a trigger happy attitude in the south became a hard debt to pay at the end of the bloodiest war in US history. White people in the South started talking about a “lost cause” and raising monuments, not so much as to honor the dead as to protest the freedom of people of color from being their slaves.

The real lost cause was trying to enslave people in the under the US constitutional democracy in the first place. Confederate monument building was and is nothing but hateful, violent, and emotional immaturity against people of a differ, color, religion, or national origin. It is the most UN-American thing citizens can do.

We should pull down the Confederate Monuments and ask forgiveness for the sins of our fathers and us for fanning the flames of hateful hearts.


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