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The Purposeful Plate; Church Hill’s The Roosevelt Eats for a Cause

Local favorite The Roosevelt will be spreading their tables this month to promote Eat for Ocracoke week. 

Ocracoke is a small island in the Outer Banks, 26 miles off the coast of North Carolina. The town of less than 1000 residents is the new home of Roosevelt’s server, Sara Teaster. 

– Image Sara Teaster

Roosevelt owner Kendra Feather reached out to tell us Sara’s story. 

“Just a few weeks ago, Sara moved to take her “dream job” in Ocracoke working with children and nature. Almost right after she arrived Hurricane Dorian hit and her plans were delayed.”

– Image Sara Teaster

Hurricane Dorian devastated Ocracoke leaving homes and businesses wrecked in its wake. The New York Time’s Kelley Shinn writes: 

“Neighbors had to be rescued from their attics by boat, folks axed down their doors and swam through the surge to higher ground. At the Village Craftsmen, a native-owned gift store in operation for 40 years, lines are marked with the names of previous hurricanes. Hurricane Matthew from 2016 is there, one of the worst anyone can remember. The line for Dorian is 27 inches higher than Matthew. It is a miracle, that unlike our friends in the Bahamas, no one here died.”

-Kelley Shinn Read her whole article here 

Sara is now is one of many volunteers helping to rebuild the island community, and she has asked for our help.

Sara wrote to Kendra 

“There is a great need. Volunteer groups from all over have been helping tear out houses and feed people. One group set up mobile showers and drop off laundry service. I’ve been able to work with the kids some. I took them on a sea turtle nest excavation the other day. They hope school will reopen soon in multiple locations around the island.”

The Roosevelt is rising to meet that need. They have dedicated the week of October 14th through the 21st EAT FOR OCRACOKE week. On top of designing a specialty promotion cocktail they will be donating 15% of proceeds from that week’s sales to relief efforts for the island. The money that we raise will go to the Outer Banks Community Fund for Ocracoke Disaster Relief.

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