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Hope Pharmacy Offers a Low Cost Alternative to the East End

We will meet the needs and wants of no/low income to middle income community residents.

Dr. Shantelle Brown is the  owner/operator of Hope Pharmacy, The Market at 25th’s in-store pharmacy.

CHPN sat down with Dr. Shantelle Brown, a graduate from Howard University, who has some deep ties with the East End community and joins the Market at 25th with Hope Pharmacy.

Dr. Brown’s journey in the East End started with Dr. Leonard Levi Edloe, known throughout the area as “Doc”. (Fun fact: Edloe’s Pharmacy on N. 25th Street in Church Hill North was open for almost 7 decades!) Working as the Director of Clinical Services, Shantelle’s tenure at Edloe’s allowed her to see a Church Hill that, at the time, was growing but wasn’t very diverse.

At that time, there were more people that looked like me, but I knew that if I wanted to grow, I needed to be able to gain experience from every aspect, all cultures, all demographics, so I joined the pharmacy staff at Ukrop’s.

Dr. Brown’s most recent position was as the Pharmacy Manager for Sam’s Club Pharmacy in the East End of Henrico County.

On January 11th … I’ll never forget this day … I was scheduled to come in. We opened at 9:00 so I was there at 8:30, and there were signs on the door that said, “Sorry for your inconvenience, but we will not be open today. We’ll reopen tomorrow at 10 o’clock.” It was a shocker, but the emotional part of it for me, although the store was closed, the pharmacy was open, we still had to work that day because you must give the Board of Pharmacy a 14-day notice if you’re going to change your hours or close, so I had to work. I had to be there for my employees and patients .  I had to make sure that they were okay.

Now over a year ago in March/April 2018, Dr. Brown met with Steve Markel and Norm Gold. After a go-ahead, she collaborated with SCORE, a mentor organization, to create a business plan. Fortunately, because of this free service, the company helped Dr. Brown realize the vision of the business. This project was later approved by Mr. Markel.

There’s a certain familiarity with Dr. Brown, she makes you feel at ease. This is a great quality of customer service that is a major component to the independent pharmacy industry. After all, customers are trusting their pharmacist and medical providers with private and oftentimes life altering challenges.

A lot of what we do is not just dispensing, but it’s about educating the patient, which is the most important part. So often, our patients  do not  ask questions at the doctor’s office, they wait until they see their pharmacist. We have to give them the knowledge and tools to know what questions to ask their doctor.

So why the name, “Hope Pharmacy”?

HOPE is an acronym for Helping Others Physically Prosper Every day. This is our vision. We will strive to do this every single day. There is a scripture that confirms our purpose and vision.  Jeremiah 29:11,  For I know the plans  I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans  to prosper you and not to harm  you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Quick Facts about Hope Pharmacy:

Hope Pharmacy is a 453 sq ft space with a consultation room and a health services  room  to offer immunizations, screenings, and perform medicaltion therapy management.


LOCATION: 1330 N. 25th Street Richmond,  VA 23223

PHONE: 804.537.0103

HOURS: Monday-Friday: 9 am-6 pm — Saturday: 9 am-1 pm

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Melissa Ansley Brooks
Melissa Ansley Brooks
1 year ago

Our favorite neighborhood pharmacist! #GirlBOSS

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