Police response to New Year’s gunfire complaints

01/02/2014 1:07 PM by

A comment from Sector 111’s Lieutenant Minton on the random gunfire that such a large part of New Year’s Eve in certain areas of town:

We are well aware of the problem of random gunfire on New Year’s Eve. We make an appeal to the public to act responsibly on New Year’s Eve – no gunfire, don’t drink and drive.

Almost every available officer – up to and including our chief and his senior officers – are on patrol that evening. We focus on random gunfire in particular (As you probably know, a young boy was killed by a falling bullet in Chesterfield County last July 4th so, the problem can turn deadly).

Our crime analysts use historical data to pinpoint the problem geographic areas. We use that analysis to position our officers in those areas. And still the problem persists.

It only take a few seconds for someone to step outside, shoot a weapon into the air, and then step back inside. If more citizens take an interest in the problem and report the gunfire as it happens, that gives us real-time information we can act upon.



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