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Friends of East End Update

Photo: 17 August 2019—East End Cemetery, Henrico Co. and Richmond , VA—Volunteer workday with Friends of East End, regulars, and members of the Ghanaian Association of the Richmond Metropolis. Credit: Friends of East End

Yesterday, the Friends of East End blog titled “End of an Era“. It’s an unfortunate and sad situation that has gone concluded in the suspension of activities in East End cemeteries.

Read below and check out the source here:

You are likely aware of our fraught relationship with the Enrichmond Foundation, which acquired East End in spring 2019. Enrichmond continues to claim that we refused its offers of partnership. No such offers were ever made. Instead, Enrichmond presented us with an acquisitive and profoundly unfair volunteer agreement in May. We retained legal counsel, made counterproposals, and offered concessions. If we conceded more, we would be completely subservient to an organization that has proven itself to be an irresponsible and opportunistic steward of the cemetery.
Brian Palmer

Chris Suarez from the Richmond Times Dispatch goes through a timeline of the events that led to this situation.

In addition, the Richmond Free Press discusses some of the repercussions specifically how they relate to John Shuck, who is a respected and familiar name in our neighborhood.

One of the harder things to read is the only comment on the Richmond Free Press story, coming from Erin H. Palmer.

Our overriding concern has always been the protection and preservation of East End. What Enrichmond sees is “urban green space” with bike trails and a visitors center — a glorified park. Its $19 million “master plan” for Evergreen not only does not include East End, it is not a preservation plan at all.

Erin Palmer

We’ve reached out to Enrichmond to go over some of these details. We think it’s important to not let this story be forgotten. If you are interested in helping us finish writing a feature article, please email us at We need a steady and professional hand to help us. Contact us for budget and more information.