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Navigate the CHPN Archives

The former editor of CHPN has created an archive of the website featuring the years between 2004 and 2017. This is a feature that many of you have asked about in the past two years.

Check it out. It’s a beautiful record of a beautiful and weird website.

The link is also available on the front page of the re-designed page.

There’s something intriguing about looking at the past with rose colored glasses. Many companies lately have capitalized on it, for example, in the video games world “WOW Classic” immerses the gamer in a world stuck in 2004.

There’s also something to be said about the times CHPN was at its peak. Facebook was only for college students, NextDoor didn’t exist, Twitter was for those early dreamers who wanted to sort of text, but not really.

Many of you now get to re-experience those classic moments and relive a period of East End’s history that hopefully will go down in ages.

On a side note, my mother also told me today, “Keep looking forward, son” and I remind you, reader, of the same.

Note: All of these stories will become available some day, some time on the live website too. It’s just really nice to have a record of history at your fingertips!