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Dr. Diane Harris Marsh

The Richmond Free Press has the obituary for Dr. Diane Harris Marsh:

“She juggled with aplomb her multiple roles as a trailblazing community dentist, talented artist, devoted mother and chief cheerleader for her husband, attorney Henry L. Marsh III, as he took on major civil rights cases and built his career in public service, including becoming Richmond’s first Black mayor and later serving in the state Senate.


After she graduated in 1961, the couple returned to Richmond where Dr. Marsh set up her dental practice in her father’s medical office at 2906 Q St. Mr. Marsh, meanwhile, began a civil rights law firm with Samuel W. Tucker where he practiced for 50 years. At the time, according to state records, Dr. Marsh was among the few female dentists in Virginia and one of the rare African-American women in the field. She served thousands of patients for 36 years before arthritis and illness forced her to shut down the practice. “

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