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25 more people shot so far this year than last year in First Precinct

Sierra Fox at ABC8 has numbers on the uptick in violence this year:

“Data online shows 81 people have been shot so far this year compared to 56 in 2019 in the Richmond Police First Precinct. Five of Richmond’s six public housing communities are located in that area: Creighton, Fairfield, Hillside, Mosby and Whitcomb.”

The First Precinct is made up of Sectors 113, 111, and 112. Sector 113 is essentially everything in the East End north of Carrington/Nine Mile. Sector 111 is the remainder of the East End over to Fulton, excepting Shockoe and Rocketts. Sector 112 is Rocketts and Shockoe, the riverfront, Manchester, and a swath of Southside down Commerce Road.

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