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From Creighton to Montrose to JMU

From Joe Mahoney at the RTD:

“Varina rising senior linebacker Jailin Walker on Saturday picked James Madison from a group of 17 scholarship offers. […] Walker grew up in Creighton Court, and violence and death were a shockingly common occurrence through his childhood. He lost several friends to shootings in Creighton and Mosby Courts, and his father, Jaimmie, died last August.”


“In the sixth grade, Jailin got out of Creighton Court. His mom and dad moved the family to an apartment off Laburnum Ave., then to 21st Street in the city and soon after to the yellow split-level house with a big back yard where Jailin lives now. It’s just over the line in Henrico County in Montrose, around the block from where Michael Robinson grew up.”

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