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Twenty-one area properties up for auction in August

There are 109 properties in Richmond coming up for auction on August 19th, including the following area properties:

600 Chimborazo Blvd
1908 N. 29th St
1209 N. 20th St.
1323 N. 32nd St.
2419 Whitcomb St
2419 1/3 Whitcomb St
2616 Redwood Ave
2311 and 2313 Ford Ave
2029 Ford Ave
1921 N. 28th St
2001 Newbourne St
2015 Selden St
2701 Selden St
1217 N. 25th St.
1120 N. 25th St.
605 N. 29th St
1806 N. 24th St
2320 N. 21st St
1104 N. 20th St.
918 N. 29th St
1805 & 1807 N. 29th St

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