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Can you help launch Richmond’s best cheer squad?

Loretta Watson, long-time teacher and cheer coach at MLK Middle School, is launching a private stomp and shake squad and could use your help in getting started:

Introducing Watson’s Warriors, one of RVA’s upcoming stomp and shake squads! Birthed during the pandemic, the Warriors need your help in order to pay for: uniforms, sweat suits, socks, bags, briefs, pom poms, jackets, mats,  shorts, tee shirts, travel expenses, competition fees, etc. Any amount donated to help us reach our goal is greatly appreciated.

Watson has been the cheer coach at MLK Middle School for more than 10 years. Every year, coach Watson grabs up a new group of girls and hooks them into her cheerleading program – being that loving, supportive, encouraging adult that we hope every student finds at their school. Every year, Watson and her crew are mentors to these girls in such a natural and loving way that many return to visit years after they’ve graduated. Now she wants to be able to do this in a larger way, outside of school, and with a connection to more of the East End.

Do you have $25 or $50 to invest in these girls? –>

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