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“We’re sick and tired of this foolishness”

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RVA Burns
RVA Burns
2 months ago

There are so many distorted and false narratives about so much of what has transpired. Many, including Mayor Stoney, have claimed that the damage and violence this past weekend was the result of the white supremacists (WS) that inserted themselves into the protest. Yet the video evidence disputes that. Much of the vandalism at VCU and nearby properties, as well as the burning of the DPW truck was done by minority and/or female protesters. These are hardly Boogaloo Bois in the videos. My daughter, who took part in the protest confirmed this, but she has also repeated some of the… Read more »

2 months ago

I echo everything RVA Burns stated! He is correct – love the way Stoney blames WS when there was no evidence of this. Just another way to shape his narrative.

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