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Your 7th District Council representatives since 1977

Fun fact: In the 43 years since the move to district-based elections, the 7th District has had 4 elected representatives and 3 short-term appointed representatives.

Richmond’s current set-up of having 9 City Council/School Board districts replaced an at-large system in 1977, in response to a lawsuit filed after Richmond annexed a chunk of Southside to bring in more white voters in 1970.

After the election of 1970, the US Department of Justice froze the folks in office until 1977. Henry L. Marsh, III had been elected to council in 1966, and served as vice-mayor from 1970-1976. That 1977 election was monumental – the first local election in 7 years saw the election of the city’s first majority-Black City Council, and from their ranks Marsh became the city’s first Black mayor.


1977-1992 Henry L. Marsh, III (also served at-large from 1966-1977)

1992 Oliver Rodney Hunt Singleton
appointed when Marsh elected to State Senate

1992-1999 Leonidas B. Young

1999 Sherwood T. White
appointed after resignation of Young after indictment for racketeering and fraud

1999-2009 Delores L. McQuinn

2009 Betty L. Squire
appointed when McQuinn elected to House of Delegates

2009-present Cynthia I. Newbille



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