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Can you kick to help get Pizza Bones open?

Ashley has a Kickstarter up for Pizza Bones RVA – want to help get her open? As of this morning she’s raised just over 12K of her $20K goal.

From her Instagram:

“This is a really scary moment for me… the kickstarter campaign is now LIVE. 
My hands are shaking. For some reason this feels more vulnerable than signing a lease. (Which, most of you know- I’ve already done.) ANYWAY, The link is in my bio if you’d care to share and contribute over the next 3 weeks. There are fun rewards available designed by the brilliant brains of
@crudcity_ & @jerrofyx 
Sunday pop ups at @charmschoolrvawill also continue in the mean time.
Now I’m going to bake a zillion cookies for @richmondbakersagainstracism . “The love is strong yall.””

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