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Richmond 300 Draft Plan now open for comments

The Richmond 300 Draft Plan is available and open for comments until July 13. There also a number of “Virtual Summits” scheduled over the rest of the month, and recordings available of the meetings that have already occurred.

From the document:

“The Master Plan is an important document because it provides a framework for the City, the development community, business-owners, and residents to shape the growth of the Richmond. This Master Plan sets the guidance to initiate and evaluate policies, programs, and zoning changes, and to guide the City’s capital improvement plan.

The City is 62.5 square miles and is not allowed to annex land. The Master Plan helps determine how to plan for growth within the limited footprint of the city. Furthermore, every jurisdiction in Virginia is required to prepare a master plan (also known as the comprehensive plan) per the Code of Virginia (§ 15.2- 2223) and review it every 5 years.

Richmond was founded in 1737. As we look forward to the city’s 300th anniversary in 2037, how do we want Richmond to look and work? How do we want our city to feel and grow over the next 20 years so that when we celebrate our 300th anniversary we are proud of where we are? Richmond 300: A Guide for Growth will articulate our vision for Richmond in 2037 and outline recommendations to get us there.”

While the plan is focussed on other specific areas of the city, there are a number of maps that place the East End in context with the rest of Richmond. The plan also looks at the importance and impact of the “East End Nodes” of 25th and Nine Mile, 25th and Jefferson, Fulton, and Rocketts Landing at the very end.

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