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Win one of Oakwood Art’s signature artist-curated boxes

Exciting news from Solstice Oakwood Arts!

In keeping with last year’s tradition of inviting artists who inspire us and our community at large, this year’s custom boxes are curated by Sonya Clark and Paul Rucker, internationally-acclaimed artists with strong ties to Richmond. Buy a raffle ticket for your chance at one of the artist-curated boxes!

As part of their annual Solstice fund-raising event, Oakwood Arts will host free media events every night this week at 8PM:

“Every evening [this] week, beginning at 8 pm, we will stream presentations that amplify Black voices, and contribute to the conversations occurring right now in Richmond and around the country. Presentations and presenters include Enjoli Moon and Afrikana, Justin Smith and Afrovisualism, Malcolm Peacock, The Martin Agency, Brian Palmer, Raelyn Fines, Albiegelle Simms, Sam Page, Mahari Chabwera, and music from DJ Mikemetic.”

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