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New Mega-Park Plans for the East End!

Howdy neighbors! Check out this article by Wyatt Gordon at Greater Greater Washington!

The City of Richmond’s Department of Parks & Recreation just received a brand new plan to combine three green spaces on the city’s East End into one new mega-park. Plans for the project are taking place amid record high demand for more space to walk, bike, and be outside as people seek to get outdoors for exercise, their mental well being, as well as commuting to essential jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the design drafted by the Storefront for Community Design’s mObstudio, three new foot bridges would link Libby Hill Park, Chimborazo Park, and Gillies Creek Park — reconnecting communities separated by racialized “urban renewal” projects — with new bike- and walk-friendly infrastructure.

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Huge thank you to our multiple readers who gave us tips for this development!

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