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Demographic changes in Richmond 2000-2018 by census tract

From the Truck Bike Blog:

“The maps illustrate the change in Black, White, and Hispanic & Latino populations in each census tract from 2000-2018. For example, if Group A was 50% of the population in 2000 and 35% of the population in 2018,
their change would be -15% (they make up 15% less of the overall population than before).

For a specific example, look at Census Tract 208 (the Libby Hill/Chimborazo area in the East End). In 2000, 63% of the tract population was Black, while in 2018, 19% of the tract population was Black. This makes for a change in percentage of -44%. For this same time, the White population change is +41% and Hispanic & Latino change is +1%. These numbers describe the change for an area where the population went from 63% Black to 75% White from 2000 to 2018.”

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