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“Nextdoor” App honored for equipping communities

By Kent Brockman

In unexpected good news during a hard time, neighborhood app “Nextdoor” was celebrated this week for helping equip communities to navigate social distancing.

A representative of Nextdoor received the award virtually during a Zoom event.

“For generations, neighbors have connected by spending time on their front porches and front yards, connecting directly with each other. Our app took that connection online, and at times like these, we are glad we did!”

For many neighbors, the transition to isolation was smoother because of the App. “I already didn’t talk to my neighbors in person!” Jake, a newer resident to Fairmount, said from his window. “When I would see a neighbor doing something, I wouldn’t talk to them, but just go onto Nextdoor and tell everyone else. I feel like the app has helped me be okay not being near my neighbors!”

Julie agreed. “I remember this one neighbor would never bag her dog’s poop, and I didn’t know how to confront her. Then Nextdoor came, and I could yell at her virtually! Now, since I’ve been isolated so long, I feel comfortable continuing to just connect virtually!” Nextdoor is working on additional features to address social distancing. “We just hope we can keep helping people build community by keeping them away from each other.”

Editor’s Note: While this article is a joke, COVID-19 is not. Let’s continue to do our part in looking out for our neighbors, supporting our business, and practicing social distancing. Though there is a stay-at-home order, check out this article if you want to figure out ways to volunteer.

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