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Local neighbors discover front yards

By Rory Gilmore

In the midst of a “Stay At Home” order, local residents have made an unexpected discovery: their front yards.

During a stretch of beautiful days, neighbors could see out in front of their homes, shoveling, landscaping, and reading on their front porches.

“Normally, I go straight from my car into the house,” Adam said, wiping sweat from his brow with his gardening glove. “I didn’t even know this yard was here! It’s great; I can spend time outside, and I found out I have neighbors!”

Jane, who became a self-proclaimed professional florist when her company asked her to work from home, showed off her new flower bed. “I dropped $400 at Lowe’s this week, but just look! I didn’t even know what a trowel was, but now I keep one holstered!”

Experts anticipate the increase in beautifully landscaped yards will increase housing prices by 60%.

Editor’s Note: While this article is a joke, COVID-19 is not. Let’s continue to do our part in looking out for our neighbors, supporting our business, and practicing social distancing. Though there is a stay-at-home order, check out this article if you want to figure out ways to volunteer.

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