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How to Use (and Park) Your Bolt Scooter Correctly

Howdy neighbors! Here’s a quick guide along with some information I found and wanna share for everybody who uses the Bolt Scooter. Pay special attention to how you park it!

Not quite the best spot to park your scooter after you’re done with it! This guy was found in the Kanawha Canal near the CarMax office. Credits to Reddit user hugacrv for the picture of the unlucky scooter.

What is the top speed of these devices?

The program requires that speeds be limited to 15 mph.

Where can I ride?

E-scooters are allowed to be ridden on streets and bike lanes, but not on sidewalks or trails.

Do I need a driver’s license?

The City Code does not require a driver’s license to use e-scooters. However, some companies may require a driver’s license in order to operate their devices. Check with each company’s requirements before beginning your trip.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

The City Code does not require those 14 years of age and older to wear a helmet when operating an electric power-assisted bicycle or scooter. However, several companies highly recommend their users wear helmets when operating their devices. Check with each company’s requirements before beginning your trip.

During what hours can the e-scooter be ridden?

The operating hours for riding e-scooters are between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Do e-scooters have different traffic laws than cars?

E-scooters must abide by the same laws as motor vehicles in terms of obeying posted traffic regulations, signs and signals.

Where should I park at the end of my trip?

Be considerate when you park, by not obstructing pedestrian or vehicular traffic. Some companies may enforce penalties on users that consistently park devices in improper ways, including banning users from devices entirely.

  • Do not block travel lanes
  • Do not block driveways
  • Do not block fire hydrants
  • Do not block walkways
  • Do not block sidewalk curb ramps
  • Do not block pedestrian call buttons
  • Do not block bus stops
  • Do not block entrances to buildings, including near ramp or walkway railings and ADA door push buttons

What can I do if a scooter is left on my property and I want it removed? How about if it is left blocking a sidewalk?

If you are capable of moving the improperly-parked device to a proper location, you may do so. Or you may call the company to request they remove it. Bolt Mobility’s contact number is 1-866-BOLT-143 an this information is visible on the device. The contact information for Bird is 1-866-205-2442. As a condition of their permit, once the company is notified of an issue, they are required to rectify the situation in 2 hours.

All of this information and more about the scooters is found here.

That’s’ all for this one, folks! Happy riding!


Joshua 03/09/2020 at 8:29 AM

The best part of this is article for me is the information on how to have the scooters removed from my property. Thanks.

Kiet Vo 03/10/2020 at 10:43 AM

Of course. I’ve actually tried to move a scooter myself when it was improperly left almost in the middle of the road, but then the scooter had a built-in voice that threatened it’d notify the police if I moved it without paying to “use” it! Very inconvenient.

Glenn Hanchey 05/09/2021 at 4:11 PM

I want to take a Bolt scooter 1500 miles away to ride in another state city.


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