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Opening for Citizens Advisory Panel (CAP)

Howdy neighbors! Just spreading the word about this opportunity!:

The Maggie Walker Community Land Trust is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing opportunities for affordable homeownership and promoting responsible and equitable land stewardship. In 2018, MWCLT was appointed by the City of Richmond to serve as its land bank.

The Richmond Land Bank’s main decision-making body, the Citizens Advisory Panel (CAP), has three openings that they are interested in filling. The CAP is a group of volunteer representatives from the communities the Land Bank serves. They make decisions about the use and distribution of land bank properties and serve as the intermediaries between the land bank and the public. If you are interested in serving on the CAP, please go to to apply by Sunday, March 22nd.

Thanks for reading and have a good evening!

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Church Hillian
Church Hillian
5 months ago

Kiet, just wanted to let you know the link you provided is invalid. Thank you for keeping us all in the loop. I truly appreciate it!

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