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Photo of the Past and Present: N. 27th St. in Church Hill

Howdy neighbors! I’m really excited to share something I originally found that was shared on internet site, Reddit! I had a small exchange with the owner of the photo, Laura Grasty who shared her photo with a post on Reddit here, and got permission to share with you guys! See below:

Superimposed picture that contrasts past and present

Here’s what Laura had to say about the photo:

“According to the Census, in 1920 the house was owned by my great-great-grandmother, Sallie E. Martin. My grandmother, the young woman in the foreground, was Lucille “Lula” McDearmon, Sallie’s granddaughter who lived there with her. The young man next to her was Robert N. Grasty, my grandfather. He boarded there with Sallie. Lucille and Robert would marry in 1922. Lucille’s parents, George and Maggie McDearmon, are the two people seated on the steps (Maggie was Sallie’s daughter). “

For another history photo with Church Hill, check out this post by John.

That’s all for this one, folks! Once again, all credits of the photo go to Laura Grasty!

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Eric Huffstutler
Eric Huffstutler
6 months ago

Oh wow, wish I could see the entire old picture since our house is peeking out of one side – to see what was going on with it then.

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