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George Mason Elementary being renamed for Henry Marsh, city’s first black mayor

Howdy folks! Just spreading the word about this piece, read the Richmond Times Dispatch article by Samuel Northrop to learn more!

School Board Vice Chairwoman Cheryl Burke, whose 7th District includes Mason, said she was beyond elated with the decision to rename the school after Marsh, a civil rights champion.

“He went to George Mason, so our children too can think about what they can do and what they can give,” Burke said. “Our children will have walking history. To have someone that grew up right around the corner, decided to stay and give our children someone to emulate and not dream about.”

Taken from the article

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6 months ago

Burke said. “Our children will have walking history.”

A “walking history” will not give that school the full accreditation that it currently lacks. I have no feelings pro or con about George Mason’s name being on the school. But changing the name is not going to do a thing to bring that school any closer to full accreditation.

David Humphrey
David Humphrey
6 months ago

Not sure why we want to name anything after people anymore. It seems safer to name them after inanimate objects (or flowers, trees or something like that) bc something someone doesn’t like always ends up coming out about the people we name things after.

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