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Pulse Riders! Ever wondered what those QR codes are on the Pulse stops?

Hello neighbors! For those of you who uses the Pulse on the regular, you may notice a white box speckled with black on some Pulse stops while waiting for the bus. These are actually QR codes, which if scanned using your smartphone gives you access to some great Richmond history!

“Each QR code links riders to a webpage showcasing nearby sites of interest, upcoming events and a brief history of the area, complete with archival photos.”

Quote from The Valentine

To make this feature a possibility, GRTC partnered with distinguished organizations The Valentine museum and Virginia Commonwealth University!

I couldn’t find any step-by-step on how to actually scan the QR codes with your phone, but I’m going to assume any scanner app will work.

Here’s a snippet from The Valentine’s website, which gives some details on everybody involved in this project:

That’s all for this one, folks! Happy commuting!

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