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How to Drive in a Roundabout (again)

Howdy Neighbors! I was digging around our article history and found this article by John. Just thought I’d give it a quick repost since there’s been some *incidents* regarding those roundabouts! To save you a click, here’s the article down below!

“I’ve had the experience now of living right at the roundabout at 25th/Jefferson/M Street for the past few years. I’ve seen no serious accidents, but more than a few close calls – and there is way more than enough honking by frustrated drivers.

Hoping that this helps a little…

From our Canadian friends:

How to Drive in a Roundabout

When approaching and travelling through a roundabout slow down. […] Wait for a gap in traffic before entering the roundabout. Remember to yield to traffic in the roundabout because drivers in the roundabout always have the right-of-way. […]

Quick List of things to Remember:

  • Slow down.
  • Look and plan ahead.
  • Pedestrians go first. When entering or exiting a roundabout, yield to pedestrians at the crosswalk.
  • Look to the left, yield to all traffic in the roundabout, find a safe gap, and then go.  

I’ll also add: pedestrians please use the pedestrian crosswalks, or someone is going to get run over one day.

Please remember, too, that the smaller circles on Jefferson Avenue and elsewhere in the neighborhood follow the same yield behavior.

PHOTO via Chad Williams

Here’s also a nice picture I found while looking through our media database!

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